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Dr. Richard Clark is an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon who has performed many incredibly successful nose, body, breast and face surgeries. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Clark, Contact Us or Call Us at (916) 925–3912.

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Rhinoplasty candidates seek nose surgery to correct noticeable nasal deformities. However, performing rhinoplasty and leaving an unsightly scar on this central facial feature can mar the benefits of the procedure. To improve the nose without leaving a scar, Dr. Clark performs scarless rhinoplasty (also called “closed rhinoplasty”). This technique allows Dr. Clark to adjust the nasal structures and appearance without visible scarring.

The Difference Between Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty

The best way to understand the advantages of closed rhinoplasty is to contrast it with open rhinoplasty.

Open Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgeons commonly perform rhinoplasty using an open technique that leaves a scar at the base of the narrow strip of skin between the nostrils (known as the “columella”). By making this incision, the surgeon can open up the nose and adjust the tissues as necessary. This technique is routinely used by many surgeons, as it allows for easy manipulation of the nasal tissues. However, the resulting visible scar can leave patients feeling less satisfied than experiencing an equally good result without that scar. It is Dr. Clark’s opinion that open rhinoplasty is easier to teach and has been overused. Despite being trained in open and closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Clark’s results compare well to those of the best surgeons who perform open rhinoplasty, and in nearly every case, he uses the closed rhinoplasty technique.

Closed Rhinoplasty (Scarless Rhinoplasty)

With scarless rhinoplasty, Dr. Clark adjusts the nasal anatomy through incisions inside the nose. These incisions make it possible to alter the nose in many ways. While some surgeons feel that open rhinoplasty is often necessary to achieve optimal results, scarless rhinoplasty can achieve the same excellent results when performed by a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon. Dr. Clark performs scarless rhinoplasty on 99 percent of his patients and has achieved superior results with no visible scarring.

When Scarless Rhinoplasty Cannot Be Used

Dr. Clark performs scarless rhinoplasty on the vast majority of his patients. He feels that the blood supply to the tip and the ability to judge the result may be superior during surgery by using the closed technique. However, he may do open rhinoplasty to revise a prior rhinoplasty scar if it is deforming. Additionally, for patients who need their nostrils narrowed, Dr. Clark must make a minor incision along the crease where the cheek and nostril meet. Such an incision is necessary in this case, regardless of the surgeon or whether the surgeon is employing the closed or open rhinoplasty technique. Thankfully, the incision blends into the crease and may not even be noticeable.

Advantages of Scarless Rhinoplasty

  • No Scarring: The chief advantage of scarless rhinoplasty is the fact that it leaves no disfiguring scar across the columella.
  • Shorter Recovery: By not damaging the columella, the nasal tissues will heal more quickly.
  • Reduced Swelling: Swelling diminishes more quickly with scarless rhinoplasty than with open rhinoplasty.
  • Significant Improvements: With Dr. Clark’s skilled hands, scarless rhinoplasty can make significant improvements to the structure and appearance of the nose.

For a highly professional nose surgery experience and no visible scarring, schedule your consultation with experienced rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Richard Clark. Contact him at (916) 925-3912 to book your appointment today.