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Many patients with a wide bridge and/or correct a flat nose have osteotomies to narrow the upper bony part of the nose concurrent with bridge grafts and a lengthening procedure. It is common in the Far East to have bridge augmentation with silicone implants to raise the profile of the bridge and to concomitantly give a more narrow appearance on front view. It is partially an optical illusion yet very effective. In more European type skin the silicone tends to extrude and is too mobile and there are reasons why in the U.S. natural tissue is more desirable than the various implants of other man-made materials. It is preferable to use a non-curved strait piece of your own  septal cartilage as first choice [if there is enough available]; ear cartilage is not as dependable yet is a second choice; rib grafts or skull bone is a common third choice yet each involves donor site morbidity [you have to have a scar on the chest or a piece of skull removed]; My preference is to use allograft bone from the bone bank which is extremely safe and in our ten year study has an 89% success rate; Other doctors cut up random pieces of carriage and wrap it in a sleeve of your own fibrous tissue and it seems reasonable as well. So…there are two ways to narrow the upper half of your nose: 1] actually fracture in the bone walls with osteotomy, and 2] augment the bridge with a ~6mm wide implant or graft and this narrow higher structure catches light, making the bridge look more narrow.
​Now the second issue is the lengthening your nose: Just making your bridge higher makes for less of a turned up tip appearance and gives the impression of a longer raising the visual starting point of the nose near the eyes. This is a reality. Nonetheless, a true lengthening of the nose is a very sophisticated procedure that a more limited number of surgeons have experience with.  You show no pictures and you may not have a significantly short nose. You may not actually need the septal lengthening or extension grafts that are required to truly de-rotate a “Miss Piggy” nose or lengthen a very short nose. Perhaps just the dorsal [bridge] augmentation and perhaps a tip lobular graft is sufficient. A test I use to see if a short nose needs the internal restructuring that requires only very specialized  and experienced surgeons is to push up on your tip…kind of making it look more “Piggy”. If your finger meets strong resistance you probably have good support. If your finger pressure collapses the tip up and back like “mush” …consider thorough research into the septal extension grafts and find out who is experienced. This has been a Long Winded answer, but hey. Sound bites are for lesser things than the center of your face. Good Luck.