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If the doctor is a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or an Ear Nose Throat physician with facial board certification you are best served. Dermatologists can be good at injecting fillers yet the more holistic opinion as to whether or not a filler injection or cheek implant or cheek lift is best for you…comes from an experienced plastic surgeon.

I think that a consult with a surgeon who discusses each option with you will help you to decide how to weigh the degree of success and longevity of the result against the cost of the procedure and the healing time and potential risk. There have been enough cases of drooping of the lower lid when the cheek is suspended through an eyelid approach that you must be wary of this approach. I prefer stacking of the cheek fat which is very safe and avoids the delicate eyelids and can be done through a scalp incision which also allows for a lateral brow lift concomitantly. This approach is not suited for the younger less aged patients who would be better candidates for injection of fillers right onto the surface of the cheek bone [Maxilla] or fat injection into the soft tissue of the cheek hollow or a silicone cheek implant. Perhaps you have enough shrinkage of underlying bone and not much fat in your face to fill out your skin envelope which unfortunately is not shrinking but dropping with gravity; so a combination of some or all of these beneficial treatments can be utilized. Good luck and seek more than one opinion.