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Scarless Rhinoplasty ResultsSurgeons who primarily use the “open” technique for rhinoplasty often refer to the advantages of better visibility. However, the scar that is left behind may be notched, malpositioned, red for a prolonged period, or otherwise noticeable. Scarless rhinoplasty, also known as “closed rhinoplasty,” is performed through small incisions inside the nose. Excellent results can be accomplished without visible incisions or lifting the skin off the nose. Unlike many other rhinoplasty surgeons, Dr. Clark uses scarless rhinoplasty in almost every case because of the many benefits.

Benefits of Scarless Rhinoplasty With Dr. Clark:

  • No visible scar across the columella
  • Blood supply to the tip of the nose remains constant; thus, more tension, if required, can be placed in the tip to give definition
  • Dr. Clark can easily judge the result during surgery, as the nose remains intact
  • Shorter recovery time since the procedure is less invasive
  • Less swelling than with open rhinoplasty
  • Dr. Clark can achieve the same results as open rhinoplasty using the closed technique

When Does Dr. Clark Use Open Rhinoplasty?

Almost all rhinoplasty patients can enjoy the benefits of scarless rhinoplasty. Dr. Clark has been well-trained in open rhinoplasty yet very rarely resorts to the open technique when the nose has very severe deformities. Even when the scar from the first procedure needs to be revised, he will perform the dissection through an endonasal (inside nose) approach because he can better place proper tension on the tip to change its projection and have the best assessment of the result he is trying to achieve. When nostrils are narrowed, this modification always requires a minor incision in the crease where the cheek and nostril meet. This separate scar is required whether the surgeon does open or closed rhinoplasty.

Ideal Candidates…

Are Dissatisfied With the Size or Shape of Their Nose

Whether due to genetics or injury, almost all imperfections can be improved with scarless rhinoplasty. Even patients who have thick skin and nasal tissue can achieve the results they desire without any scars or a potentially more uncomfortable recovery.

Have Realistic Expectations

Ideal candidates have realistic expectations for the procedure. Even at the hands of a skilled and educated surgeon like Dr. Clark, there are some factors that are not predictable, and revision surgery may be necessary. Patients should also know that some degree of swelling may last up to a year before final results are apparent.

Do Not Smoke

Patients should not smoke in the weeks leading up to surgery or after surgery. Smoking works against the body’s natural healing process and can prolong recovery, which may impact optimal results.

If you are interested in the scarless rhinoplasty procedure with the closed technique, please schedule your consultation with Dr. Richard Clark. Contact him at (916) 925-3912 to book your appointment today.