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Secondary Rhinoplasty

All of these images are actual results of Dr. Clark's patients, and have not been simulated or altered in any way.

Before After  

patient before and after rhinoplasty revision surgery photos

before and after secondary rhinoplasty photos

How to pick your first rhinoplasty surgeon for primary rhinopolasty

Make sure your doctor is particularly good at Noses. You may have a friend that has had a nice liposuction or breast augmentation or any other kind of cosmetic procedure by a surgeon  and they recommend this doctor because of the good result and bedside manner. Unfortunately that doctor may do a good body of even face procedures but may not have the experience , dedication and skill that is required to perform consistently superior rhinoplasty. Most talented Rhinoplasty surgeons occssionally need to perform minor touch up adjustments after 6-12 months. This is because of the vagaries in the healing process and  the possibility that, despite excellent planning and execution, there may be milimeter of shift in the result and “beauty is a matter of milimeters”. If, after adequate healing takes place, a low risk, minimal-cost surgical adjustment can make you sparkle…make a good result even better…it should be considered. On the other hand, to help you avoid getting a bad result and needing to find a good revision surgeon; please read what I have to say about finding a revison rhinoplasty surgeon and apply some of that advice to your quest for a primary surgeon.

How to pick your second nose surgeon for Revision Rhinoplasty

Since one third to half of the noses I operate on have been the disappointing result of poor choices by the patient in selecting an initial surgeon, it is wise to do your research at the front end. However, if you have had an unfortunate result, these tips will prove valuable:

Make sure your doctor is not just good, but particularly good at Noses AND EXPECIALLY GOOD AT REVISION RHINOPLASTY. You may know someone who has had a nice rhinoplasty by a surgeon and recommends that doctor because of the good result and bedside manner. I do agree that if this surgeon has done very good work with primary rhinoplasty, they should be put on the list of surgeons to visit. But no matter who you see in consultation, please ask that they show you evidence of success with revisions.

Ask to see nose job surgery before and after pictures and results of poor previous rhinoplasty that have been nicely improved.  Be even more careful choosing a revison surgeon than you would be for a primary sugery. Try to avoid the tell tales signs of an"operated "looking nose. If that surgeon who did that excellent job is too distantly located, you could call his office and ask the staff to ask him who he would recommend for specifically Revision rhinoplasty in your town or area.

No matter who you see in consultation, a good question to ask is: “ Doctor, if I was your relative. who in this area would you send me to for the best revision rhinoplasty…or ….who and where would you send me?

Only Plastic Surgeons and ENT docs are appropriately trained in nose surgery… you should limit your search to within these two specialities. Remember that there is no actual medical specialty called Cosmetic Surgery. I know this gets confusing because there are many doctors from Dermatologists to Dentists who are now calling themselves “plastic surgeons”. Dont be fooled by credentials on the wall, because even an Oral Surgeon dentist in some states can legally do a nose job in the hidden privacy of their office. The plaque on the wall may say they are board certified by some organization [i.e. American Board of Cosmetic Surgery] that sounds good but is not acceptable to real plastic surgeons and ENT doctors.  

If you see a true plastic surgeon [ board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery...founded in 1936… and the only plastic or cosmetic surgery board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties ]…ask the doctor who else is an excellent revision rhinoplasty surgeon. Askhim/her to consider not only in his specialty but “who he thinks is an excellent ENT [Ear, Nose nad Throat] specialist who does excellent revision rhinoplasty”. Just as there are some plastic surgeons who are better at cosmetic rhinoplasty  than some ENT docs[ who might be great at tonsils and sinus surgery, etc.] ; there are also some ENT [Otolaryngologist, Ear, Nose and Throat] doctors who do better nosejobs than some of the plastic surgeons [who might be best at breasts and facelifts, etc.]

Since this is my website, I will make a plug for the fact that I am Board Certified in both ENT and Plastic Surgery…which is the most training possible relative to the nose.

See two to three or more consults and compare their pictures, the quality of the consult, the amount of dedication and experience that they have with revision a poor rhinoplasty.

Make sure the doctor truly examines and learns about your nose. It is hard for me to imagine how are surgeon can sit across a desk from you and decide what to do to your nose. In addition to asking questions about your history, desires for change in appearance and alleviation of possible breathing problems, the doctor needs to touch your nose,  feel it,  measure it and look inside it. With the same degree of planning that you expect from an architect that is simply re-designing the roof line of your house, you should expect at least that much thinking and planning to go into changing the most prominent feature of your face. I don’t think it is mandatory, but it helps if the doctor uses an imaging computer to show you what he thinks he can accomplish while learning from you what you think you want….and the doctor… not a nurse…needs to do this with you…..the artistry the surgeon demonstrates at this time can be very reassuring to you. Be sure to ask him if the computer changes are actually realistic and do-able….of course, you must understand that the image produced on a computer can only act as a guide and can’t be considered a guarantee. Yet, if you do not have a map that both you and the surgeon agree upon, are you even going to get close to your destination?

Before After
before and after rhinoplasty revision photos

Before After 6 weeks
rhinoplasty revision before and after photos

Before After
rhinoplasty revision patient before and after photos

Before After
secondary rhinoplasty patient before and after photos

Before After
before revision rhinoplasty after revision rhinoplasty
before revision rhinoplasty - profile view after revision rhinoplasty - profile view

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Before After
before secondary rhinoplasty - profile view after secondary rhinoplasty - profile view

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Before After 6 weeks
before revision rhinoplasty surgery after revision rhinoplasty surgery
before revision rhinoplasty surgery - profile view after revision rhinoplasty surgery - profile view

Note: patient had poor rhinoplasty elsewhere. Dr. Clark's revision result was achieved without a scar.

Before After 6 weeks
before and after photos for patient revision rhinoplasty

All of these images are actual results of Dr. Clark's patients, and have not been simulated or altered in any way.

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